Book Review: Kiss Me, Hug Me, I Will Always Love You, and I Love You This Much


Books by Igloo Books

Recently the hospital I work at hosted its quarterly book fair by Books Are Fun.  I picked up a set of four children’s books: Kiss Me, Hug Me, I Will Always Love You, and I Love You This Much.  All four books in the set are board books with a hard cover, published by Igloo Books.  They have very attractive and colorful illustrations that adults and children will both love. I paid $11.99 for the set of four.

Kiss Me is my favorite of the books in the set.  It is written by Melanie Joyce and illustrated by Anna Jones.  The narration of the story is done from the point of view of a little bear telling its mother when it wants to be kissed.   “Kiss me when I cry because my friends have all gone home.  Kiss me and tell me that I will never be alone.”

Hug Me is written by Melanie Joyce and illustrated by Daniella Dogliani.  It is similar to Kiss Me.  A little bunny is telling its mother when it wants to be hugged.  Little ones will identify with the characters.  “Hug me when I’ve played all day and I’m too tired to hop.”

I Will Always Love You is written by Marilee Joy Mayfield and illustrated by Caroline Pedler.  The picture of the momma and baby elephant on the cover is what drew me to the set of books initially.  I have a thing for elephants and these are very sweet.  The book is narrated from the point of view of the different little animals as they talk about why they love their family.  “My mom is kind and gentle.  She’s very sweet to me.  Even when I mess up, she pretends not to see.”

I Love You This Much is the longest book and would be the most difficult for young readers.  A delightful little panda tells the reader how much he loves them and what he would do to show it.    “I’d get my friends to dress up in a silly circus style.  Then I’d wobble on a tightrope,  just to try to make you smile.”  There are several beautiful and detailed pictures to go with the story.

I Love You This Much and I Will Always Love You are both too wordy to keep Abby’s attention right now.  We’ve attempted to read them a couple times but she gets bored about three pages in.  I think she will really like them in the future though. Hug Me and Kiss Me are just short enough for her current attention span so we have read and enjoyed them multiple times.

Check them out here:


I was unable to find a link for I Will Always Love You on either Amazon or Igloo Books’ websites.   I will keep looking and add it if I find it.


Brave New World


Well, I covered up my mistake and decided to show my painting as it is now.  I’m not quite sure if I am happy with it yet.
If you didn’t read my last post, I am referring to something I decided to add to my painting.  I still don’t like it as well as before,  but it is better than it was. 
So, I’ve been rereading Brave New World after several years.  As I was working yesterday I was thinking of the story and thought the circles looked like cells dividing and reminded me of one of the first scenes from the story where the Director of Hatcheries is giving a tour and explaining how they create the clones and condition them for their jobs and place in society.  I thought it would be cool to add a gloved had holding a test tube, and then add a Huxley quote.  At the time it seemed like a great idea, but when I added the hand it did not look as great as in my imagination.
Anyway, I thought I would post a follow up.

Book Review: Big Box of Boynton Set 1!: Barnyard Dance! Pajama Time! Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!


I’ve always been a bookworm and I think this trait was passed along to Abby.  She has a bunch of books, but right now she has five favorites we must read over and over each day.  I love that she loves books at such a young age.  Since we spend so much time reading I decided it might be fun to periodically do a book review.

Our first book is actually a set of three books:  Big Box of Boynton Set 1!: Barnyard Dance! Pajama Time! Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!  by Sandra Boynton.

Boynton’s books were recommended to me by another mom I met recently at a mom’s group dinner.  Abby received an Amazon gift card for Christmas so this was one of the items we purchased with it.  Priced at $11.81 for a set of three, which I thought it was pretty affordable.  Our books arrived yesterday and we’ve read each of them several times.

This set is made up of sturdy board books, which is good because Abby likes to try to chew on them.   The books are very enjoyable to read aloud and have a song-like rhythmic flow, which really appeals to her.  The sweet and silly illustrations are fun to look at.  I don’t remember having ever read Boynton’s books before, but I did recognize her illustrative style.

My favorite is Barnyard Dance!  It is very fun to read.  In it, all of the barnyard animals are performing a square dance.  Reading it reminds me of my grandfather who used to call square dances and makes me smile thinking of how much he would have enjoyed reading to Abby.  The pictures are simple but fun.  Abby enjoys these illustrations the most and often tries to reach out and touch the pages.

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! has cute illustrations all about opposites featuring adorable dinosaurs.  While the book does rhyme, it is less song-like than the others.  Abby doesn’t seem to care too much about this one yet, but I’m sure she will grow to like it.

I think Pajama Time! will be in our nightly bedtime story rotation.  It features several different animals all putting on their pajamas and dancing before bedtime.  The silly pictures will make you giggle.  This is similar to Barnyard Dance!, as it is very song-like when read aloud, but the rhythm is a little hard to get used to.  When the animals are dancing we had fun dancing along with them.

I would definitely recommend these books.  You can check them out here:


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