Finger Painting Father’s Day Project

With Father’s Day coming up, Abby and I decided to get creative this morning and make a present for my husband.  He doesn’t buy new clothes very often, so we had already bought him a shirt, but we wanted to give him something homemade as well.  We had to be a little sneaky and work on it while he was occupied, as it is Sunday and he was home with us.

I looked at several cute ideas on Pinterest, but several of the ideas required items I did not have.  I wanted to try to use supplies we already had at home if possible. 

Abby loves to finger paint, so we got out a piece of 8 x 10 construction paper and acrylic paint.  We decided to use different shades of green, which is my husband’s favorite color.  I draped her high chair and the table in plastic and placed an old towel on the floor.  At first she daintily stuck her index finger in the paint and made polka dots on the paper like she was afraid to get dirty, but eventually she got into it.

Abby’s finished painting, below.

After the paint dried we added some leftover colored letters from Hobby Lobby that I had used for another project.  The letters are a tad crooked and not quite evenly spaced, but we had fun.  She is learning her alphabet so we had to review all the letters several times and she was very picky about what colors we used.

Lastly, I framed the painting with a black 8 x 10 frame.  I could not find an empty frame in storage so I ended up buying a $2.00 frame at Walmart.

Abby is pretty proud and excited to give her picture to Daddy!

Are you making any projects for Father’s Day?  I would love to hear about them!


Fun Non-candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays of the year.  Why?  Lots of reasons!  Usually there is spring-like weather.  The church was always filled with the beautiful smell of lillies.  Mom would always buy us a pretty new Easter dress.  Easter candy is the best candy of the year.  And who doesn’t like waking up to an Easter basket and going hunting for eggs?

My mom was great at putting together Easter baskets when I was a kid.  She didn’t add just candy (although, I never complained about chocolate), my favorite memories are of playing for hours with a new jump rope, jacks, and a an activity book.

Now that I get to put together an Easter basket for Abby I have been trying to find fun ideas that are not just candy or sweets.  I will add sweets in as she gets older, but right now I don’t really give her candy, and I am sure that between both grandmas she will have more than plenty.

As I took a walk down the Easter aisle at Walmart I noticed that most of the stuff they had for Easter baskets is either really cheap and breakable or kind of lame.  I decided to skip all of that and try to get creative with my own ideas.  

What did I get? 

  1. Bouncy ball – This bouncy ball has a fish floating in glittery water.  It lights up when it bounces on the ground.  Abby loves Bouncy balls but most are small enough to fit in her mouth and are a choking hazard.  This one is small enough for her to easily hold but not chew on.
  2. Windup walking dinosaur – Thus little pastel dino walks when you wind it up.  Her cousin had a similar toy and Abby enjoyed watching it walk.
  3. Hatching egg – Place the egg in water and after a few hours it will begin to crack and a chick will hatch.  My neices and nephew had a couple of similar eggs in their Christmas stockings and had a great time checking to see if their egg had hatched throughout the day.
  4. Bubbles – What little one doesn’t love blowing bubbles?
  5. Snacks – I did add a few packages of cheddar fish crackers, graham crackers, and fruit snacks.  
  6. Sesame Street sticker/activity book– Abby loves all things Sesame Street.  She also loves stickers and enjoys sharing them or adding to her sticker “collection” in an old notebook.
  7. Necklace and bracelet Set– Abby begged me for this as we were walking through the store and I snuck it in the cart while she wasn’t looking.  She loves wearing jewelry.
  8. Sidewalk chalk- We enjoy drawing on our driveway with chalk and are almost out, so I thought it would be a nice addition to her basket.

    What are you adding to your kids’ Easter baskets this year?