Teething Fits Suck

Photo by Pedro Last race. From http://www.unsplash.com

Poor Abby has been getting new teeth for the best past couple weeks and I am totally over it.  

Last night at supper she was sitting in her highchair, selectively picking through her spaghetti (which was devoured by the fistful the night before) and whining. My husband walked through the dining room saying that he was going downstairs to change out of work clothes and then return to eat.  When Abby saw him head down the stairs she started to cry.  She continued to cry for Daddy for the entire time he was downstairs.  Now this is something new, usually this happens only when Mommy goes out of her sight, never Daddy. By the time he returned she was in full blown meltdown mode.  She began to slowly calm down and started to ask for a banana.  

“Eat more of your spaghetti and I will get you a banana,” I told her. She turned up her nose at the barely touched spaghetti and cried for a banana.  At this point I was done with trying to reason with her or ply her into eating more or drinking more milk.  I figured eating a banana was better than eating nothing so I cut up a banana and put it on her tray.  She ate maybe two bites.  

“Are you done?” 

“Uh huh.”

“OK, I will go get a paper towel and wipe you off.”  More crying.

I remove the tray and begin to try to wipe  off her hands and face.  Crying. Spaghetti and banana are deposited all over Mommy’s shirt and arms.  More crying because face wiping is torture.

“Hold still and we’ll be done faster, sweetie.”  Code Red, meltdown imminent.  “OK, let me get you unbuckled and we’ll be done.”  Banshee-like shrieking commences.  I pull her out of the highchair and try to put her down. But she melts into a puddle of screaming toddler.   Definitely time for some ibuprofen, pajamas, and bedtime.  Who replaced my sweet child with this wild animal?

The fit continues until Daddy mentions the magic C word and flashes a cookie.  My “no dessert unless a good meal has been eaten with good behavior” rule is being blatantly ignored but fuck it.  Mommin’ is hard and I’m to tired to argue any more.


Diaper Rash, You Bitch

Photo by Layne Lawson. From http://www.unsplash.com

Somehow we went thirteen months without Abby getting diaper rash.  Until now.  Holy crap.

A top tooth took its sweet time coming in and was accompanied by diarrhea.   She has also been refusing to eat most purees now, so I think the introduction of some foods may have also had a part to play in the runny poop.   We spent four evenings at parent and child swimming lessons, so a soggy swim diaper and chlorine probably didn’t help. 

Once the diaper rash appeared it took no time at all to change my sweet, normally very agreeable baby into a monster when the word diaper was mentioned.  She would writhe on the floor, desperate to make her escape each time I tried to change her diaper.  Middle of the night diaper changes, which normally are the easiest because she is sleepy and compliant, turned into a tag team Mom and Dad against toddler high-emotion wrestling match.  She flailed, flopped, and flung herself around screaming like a wildbanshee fish out of water.  She has never ever acted this way before.  I don’t blame her, the area on her bum turned from pink spots to raw, irritated red rash quickly.  Luckily it didn’t get bad enough to bleed, like in the horror stories my sister and babysitter told me when I asked for advice.   

A&D ointment that was recommended to me only seemed to make her feel worse, but Desitin helped.  I was also recommeded Butt Paste and Triple Paste, but told that it was really strong and I worried that it would bother her sensative skin.  Baby wipes, even sensitive ones, bothered her, so I began to use small pieces of damp paper towel to wipe her bottom.

 Finally, time spent in front of TV watching cartoon movie trailers on YouTube while sitting butt naked on a towel helped turn the tide.  (This is the ONLY thing that would keep her still enough to keep her pants off so she could air out and not pee all over the whole house – the kid is NEVER still except in her sleep.)  I kept religiously changing her diaper and keeping her pants off so I could tell right away when her diaper was dirty. 

Now her rash is almost gone and each pee or diaper change no longer begins a tantrum.  She-Hulk is gone and my sweet girl is back.  Hopefully our first dance with diaper rash is also our last, but who knows.  If it is not, at least we have this experience under our belt now.

She Has a Tooth!

Abby woke up several times in the night and was very clingy when I tried to get her to sleep alone.  This morning she was very fussy and didn’t seem happy no matter what I tried.  I just thought she was over tired but then I saw it- her first tooth had pushed through her gum.  Poor girl, no wonder she was as a grump!